Our free speech, language and reading screens provide a review of a child’s communication and learning skills. These are done in our offices as well as at area preschools, upon request. During these 30 minute consultations, one of our speech-language therapists evaluates a child’s language development is several important areas.

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Expressive Language

Concern over low output, low vocabulary expression, not using full sentences to communicate (4-6 words and correct grammar), pronoun confusion (me, you, my, him/her, he/she) or verb usage, ability to tell use of objects (what do you do with a cup?) or use describing words (big, red, etc.).

Receptive Language

Concern over low vocabulary understanding (identifying by pointing: body parts, colors, pictures), answering Wh- questions (where do you sleep, Who is your mom), showing use of prepositions (put the block under, over, next to an object).


Hoarse or scratchy voice, complains of sore throat, habitually talking too loud; repeats sounds/words/phrases (b-b-ball, I want – I want – I want the ball), prolongates sounds in words (I wwwwwwant to go), seems to struggle with getting sounds stuck in the throat.


Understandable 80-90% of the time to an unfamiliar listener, except for later developing sounds (l, r, ch, sh, s, z, v, or j).

Social Language

Responds to name, able to look at an object that is pointed out by another, eye contact, turn taking, responds to emotions.