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Unlock the full potential of your child’s communication and reading skills with tailored evaluations at the Children’s Speech & Reading Center. We go beyond the basics to provide a complete picture of your child’s abilities. Witness transformative results in your kid’s language and literacy. 

What is A Communication and Reading Skills Evaluation?

Evaluation of communication and reading skills involves gathering accurate and dependable data. Then, data is combined and analyzed to form a judgment or decision. Typically, the result of an evaluation is a diagnosis. It represents the clinical determination of whether a disorder is present or absent. 

Moreover, evaluations for speech, language, and literacy challenges determine specific areas of strength and weakness in which building block skills need to be remediated. These are completed when beginning therapy with a new client and after a screening has been done. It allows speech-language pathologists or reading specialists a complete picture of the child’s needs and strengths. They use the results to create goals for therapy and monitor progress over time.

Why Does Evaluation Matter?

Recognizing the importance of early identification and intervention cannot be overstated. A timely and comprehensive evaluation sets the foundation for a child’s educational journey. It allows them to receive the support needed to thrive academically and socially. Below are among its benefits. 

Enhanced Social Interaction

As communication skills improve, so does a child’s capacity for social interaction. Enhanced communication facilitates deeper connections with others. It promotes the development of meaningful friendships and social networks. This aspect of development is crucial for building self-esteem and a sense of belonging. Both are vital for emotional and psychological well-being.

Tailored Treatment Plan

Following a thorough diagnostic assessment, a tailored treatment plan is developed to meet the unique needs of each child. The plan focuses on improving speech, language and/or literacy skills. By addressing specific areas of weakness and building upon strengths, the customized approach ensures progress in key developmental areas. It creates a foundation for long-term success.

Improved Communication Skills

Through formative assessments and tailored therapy sessions, children work on enhancing not just their speech-language abilities. They also enhance their overall language proficiency. This concerted effort leads to marked improvements in their ability to interact with peers, family, and educators. It lays the groundwork for a more engaged and confident communication style.

Early Detection of Developmental Challenges

Through comprehensive assessment, potential literacy difficulties and other developmental challenges can be identified. It paves the way for immediate intervention. This critical step, facilitated by licensed professionals, allows the identification of literacy deficits and/or communication deficits. These challenges, if untreated, could impact the child's educational and social development significantly.

Academic Success

At the heart of academic achievement lies robust communication and literacy skills. Evaluation and intervention processes aim to equip children with the tools they need to succeed academically. The development of these foundational skills paves the way for educational success. It creates a significant impact on the child’s ability to learn and perform in academic settings.

Unlock Your Child’s Literacy and Language Skills!

Take the first step towards unlocking your child’s full potential. With the Children’s Speech & Reading Center, you’re not just getting an evaluation. You’re setting the foundation for a lifetime of learning, confidence, and success for your child. Don’t wait to make a positive change in your kid’s life. Contact us now to schedule a comprehensive evaluation. 

Areas We Assess

Although evaluations are typically a part of the new client process, the Children’s Speech & Reading Center will provide evaluation-only services on a case-by-case basis. We also include a full summary report for the family. 

Phonological Awareness

Phonological awareness is foundational for mastering reading. It is where children learn to recognize and manipulate the sound structure of words. By evaluating and enhancing phonological awareness, we lay the groundwork for successful reading and spelling.

Phonics and Decoding

Phonics and decoding skills allow children to bridge the gap between recognizing letters and understanding their sounds. We use standardized procedures to accurately identify and support a child’s level of proficiency in letter-sound and spelling patterns.

Vocabulary Knowledge

Expanding vocabulary knowledge is essential for both reading comprehension and effective communication. We gauge a child’s ability to understand and use a broad range of words. Our evaluation aims to enhance this aspect of language skills. 

Reading Fluency

Reading fluency is assessed to ensure that children can read with the speed, accuracy, and proper expression necessary for understanding. This skill is vital for overcoming reading difficulties and promoting a lifelong love of reading.

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is a cornerstone of literacy skills. Our comprehensive assessment process includes language tests and alternative assessment methods to measure how well children can grasp and reflect on the material they read.

Oral Language Skills

Oral language skills form the basis of effective communication. It allows children to articulate thoughts and needs clearly. Through diagnostic tests and clinical assessment, we evaluate and enhance speaking abilities. This enhances social interactions.

Narrative Skills

Narrative skills are the ability to tell and understand stories. It plays a significant role in language development. Here, we evaluate a child's ability to construct and comprehend narratives. It improves children’s ability to communicate complex ideas.

Pragmatic Language

Pragmatic language involves the social language skills used in daily communication. Our evaluation focuses on the practical use of language in social contexts. It assesses and supports children's ability to use language appropriately in various situations. 


Articulation refers to the clear production of speech sounds. This evaluation is essential for determining the need for intervention strategies to enhance clarity of speech and overall communication effectiveness.

Receptive Language

Our evaluation examines children’s comprehension of words, sentences, and spoken instructions. We assess how well they follow directions, understand questions, and grasp the meaning of what is said to them. 

Speech Fluency

Our assessment focuses on identifying disruptions in the natural flow of speech such as stuttering or cluttering. We aim to understand the nature of any fluency issues and develop appropriate interventions to support smoother, more confident speech.

Why Choose Children’s Speech & Reading Center

Children’s Speech & Reading Center’s speech-language pathologists and reading specialists utilize evaluation information. It allows them to provide professional diagnoses and identify the need for referrals to other professionals. Then, they determine a treatment plan and establish treatment goals for kids. 


Our center prides itself on a team of highly qualified speech-language pathologists and reading specialists.  Each brings a depth of expertise and specialized training in speech-language and/or literacy evaluation methods. Rest assured that your child is evaluated with the utmost professionalism. Plus, we will provide a reliable foundation for any needed interventions.

Personalized Care

Central to our philosophy is a dedication to customized evaluation. Recognizing the distinct paths of development each child takes, we commence our journey together with an initial screening of your child’s skills. Along with your concerns, the screening allows our therapists to customize the evaluation to your child's unique challenges and strengths. It also guides us for future support and interventions. 


Becoming a part of the Children’s Speech & Reading Center means joining a dynamic community committed to fostering children’s growth. We cultivate an atmosphere of mutual support, bringing together families, therapists, volunteers, and educators. This ensures each family plays a pivotal role in their child’s developmental journey.

Proven Result

Our dedication to advancing each child’s communication skills is evident in our proven results. Through meticulous evaluation reports and continuous monitoring of progress, we celebrate every achievement alongside our families. The successes of the children we support are not just our results. They are testimonials of our effective approach.

Comprehensive Support

Beyond the initial evaluation, our center offers extensive speech-language pathology and reading assessments. We employ a diverse set of evaluation tools to comprehensively assess all facets of your child’s communicative and reading abilities.  Plus, we provide support to parents. 

How Our Process Works

The evaluation process at the Children’s Speech and Reading Center typically consists of the following steps:

FREE Screening

The first step in our collaborative journey is a screening. Our skilled speech-language pathologist or reading specialist conducts an initial consultation. This screening aims to identify any potential speech, language, or literacy concerns. It's a no-cost, no-obligation way for us to meet your child and for you to understand how we can support your family. This screening is crucial for determining whether a more detailed evaluation is necessary.


Following the screening, if further investigation is recommended, we proceed with a comprehensive evaluation. This stage involves a thorough assessment using standardized tools and methods to pinpoint your child's specific strengths and challenges. Our goal is to gather a complete picture of your child's speech, language, and/or literacy skills. This will enable us to create a personalized intervention plan.

Weekly Appointments

With an understanding of your child's unique needs, we begin weekly appointments tailored to their developmental goals. These sessions are designed to build on your child's strengths and address areas of difficulty. It allows progress through consistent, targeted therapy. Throughout this phase, we maintain open communication with your family. We will provide you with updates on progress and strategies to support your child's development at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of assessments do you use? 

We employ a holistic approach to evaluation, utilizing a variety of assessment types to ensure a thorough understanding of each child's unique needs. This includes diagnostic tests to pinpoint specific challenges, formative assessments to guide ongoing therapy strategies, and progress-monitoring assessments to track improvement over time. Our therapists are trained in a range of standardized procedures and innovative techniques. We guarantee you the accuracy and reliability of our evaluations.

How do you ensure the assessment is accurate?

Accuracy in assessment is paramount to us. Our team of therapists relies on standardized procedures. Plus, we also use a comprehensive array of procedures to ensure the reliability and validity of every evaluation. You can be confident that our evaluation-only service provides a true reflection of a child's abilities and needs.

Can evaluations detect literacy disorders like dyslexia? 

Our evaluations are meticulously designed to also detect a spectrum of literacy disorders, but our reading specialists do not diagnose dyslexia. By focusing on essential skills such as phonological awareness, decoding skills, and reading fluency, we can identify specific challenges that may impact a child’s reading and writing development. This targeted approach ensures early detection of challenges and the implementation of tailored interventions.

How long does an evaluation take? 

The duration of an evaluation at our center typically ranges from 1 to 2 hours. However, this can vary based on the child's specific circumstances and the types of assessments utilized. We strive to make the evaluation process as efficient and thorough as possible. We want to gather all the necessary information to form a comprehensive assessment of each child's needs without causing undue stress or fatigue.

Unlock Your Child’s Literacy and Language Skills!

Take the first step towards unlocking your child’s full potential. With the Children’s Speech & Reading Center, you’re not just getting an evaluation. You’re setting the foundation for a lifetime of learning, confidence, and success for your child. Don’t wait to make a positive change in your kid’s life. Contact us now to schedule a comprehensive evaluation.