Reading Therapy

Why a Speech-Language Therapy Center for Reading?

Learning to read is a complex process that involves a number of “building block” skills. It is very important to identify which skill or combination of skills need “fixing” in order for your child to read with ease and understanding. If your car doesn’t run properly, for instance, you wouldn’t change the spark plugs if the electrical system were at fault. Likewise, a reading problem requires careful diagnosis and an individualized plan of treatment. Speech-language and reading therapists are specially trained in sound (phonological) awareness, spoken language, vocabulary development and understanding language, which are some of the important building block skills for reading.

Our Approach

At the Children’s Speech and Reading Center, we create an individualized plan tailored specifically to the needs of your reader. Using a flexible, multi-sensory approach and best practices from a variety of developmental programs, we can design a plan that targets areas of concern. Strategies and resources come from research-based programs including Orton-Gillingham and Reading A-Z.