Speech-Language Therapy

Individualized Speech-Language Therapy

CSRC offers one-on-one speech and language therapy for children on a sliding-scale fee structure. Therapy is tailored to a child's specific needs and may target any or all of the following areas: speech, language, voice, fluency, cognition (e.g. attention, memory), and pragmatic (social) skills.

Speech disorders refer to difficulties with accurate production of sounds, including speech sound delays, phonological processing disorders, and childhood apraxia of speech (CAS). Language disorders refer to  difficulties understanding (receptive language) or putting words together to communicate ideas (expressive language). Delays in these essential skills limit developmental, academic, and social achievement. Therapy begins with an in-depth evaluation to determine personalized goals and maximize a child's potential.

Family Support: All of CSRC’s services and programs develop and encourage family involvement and support to ensure optimal success in skill development and carryover.