Unleash Teen’s Full Potential Through Executive Function Coaching

At  Children’s Speech & Reading Center, our executive function coaching program is designed to sharpen focus, improve organization, and boost problem-solving skills. This transformative approach paves the way for academic achievement and personal growth. Propel your teen towards success now.

What is An Executive Function?

Executive function is like the brain's air traffic control system. It manages a multitude of cognitive tasks and decisions every day. It encompasses a range of mental skills essential for planning, focusing, remembering instructions, and juggling multiple tasks efficiently. These skills are crucial for success in daily life—from childhood to adulthood, and are centered around the prefrontal cortex of the brain.

Signs of Executive Function Challenges

Children and adolescents with executive function challenges may exhibit a variety of challenges across different areas of their lives. Recognizing these challenges early can help in seeking appropriate support and effective interventions.

Here are some common indicators of executive function challenges. If your child struggles with any of the following, they might need support. 

Transform Your Child’s Future Now!

Give your teen the gift of cognitive control, mental flexibility, and the skills to succeed in daily life. With our proven strategies and supportive community, the path to confidence and achievement is just a step away. Don't wait - act now for a brighter tomorrow. 

Possible Causes of Executive Function Challenges

Executive function challenges can arise from a variety of causes, ranging from developmental disorders to environmental factors. Understanding these causes can help in identifying appropriate strategies and interventions.

Common contributors to difficulties in executive functions may include…

Why Executive Function Coaching is Important? 

Executive function coaching is not just about academic success. It's about equipping your teen with the cognitive flexibility and inhibitory control to navigate life's complexities. Here are the reasons why this is important. 

Improves Academic Performance

Enhancing executive function skills directly impacts academic success. These skills foster cognitive flexibility and are crucial for organizing, planning, and completing tasks. This development serves as the brain's air traffic control system orchestrated by the frontal lobe and prefrontal cortex function. It helps students process and manage information effectively. This results in improved literacy which transcends to task performance and overall quality of life.

Enhances Self-Regulation

Executive function coaching is instrumental in developing impulse control and emotional regulation. Improved executive function skills help teens resist impulses, remain focused on tasks, and regulate their emotions more effectively. This advancement is essential for managing social interactions and personal growth. It contributes to better mental health conditions and may reduce tendencies towards substance abuse and behavioral inhibition.

Boosts Problem-Solving Skills

Strengthened executive functioning enhances problem-solving abilities and enables teenagers to devise innovative solutions to complex tasks. This skill set, rooted in mental flexibility and fluid intelligence, is vital for navigating academic challenges and real-world scenarios. Continuous improvement can reflect a well-tuned cognitive function. 

Supports Social Development

Executive function skills are fundamental to social development, underpinning empathy, cooperation, and healthy social interactions. These skills are essential for building relationships and community ties from childhood to adulthood.

Builds Confidence and Independence

Mastering executive skills bolsters children's confidence and independence. This is particularly vital for those navigating executive function disorders, such as ADHD. With the support of targeted coaching, teens learn to overcome challenges associated with attentional control and cognitive inhibition. It paves the way for a successful transition into adulthood and enhances executive functioning skills.

Transform Your Child’s Future Now!

Give your teen the gift of cognitive control, mental flexibility, and the skills to succeed in daily life. With our proven strategies and supportive community, the path to confidence and achievement is just a step away. Don't wait - act now for a brighter tomorrow. 

How Can Executive Function Coaching Help Your Child?

Executive function coaching offers a holistic approach that extends beyond traditional academic tutoring. At Children’s Speech and Reading Center, we target the essential executive function skills needed for success in all areas of life. Our coaching program is designed to address and enhance key areas of cognitive and behavioral development.

Improves Organizational Skills

By focusing on executive functioning skills, our coaching helps teens learn how to effectively structure their tasks and environment which leads to enhanced productivity.  This aspect of coaching taps into the frontal lobe's ability to plan and organize. It is crucial for managing daily activities and academic demands, thereby improving task performance and overall quality of life.

Enhances Time Management

Effective time management is a critical component of executive functioning that our coaching emphasizes. This skill is essential for developing cognitive control and selective attention. It empowers teens to prioritize tasks and manage their time efficiently. This is particularly beneficial for those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and related executive function disorders.

Boosts Working Memory

Strengthening working memory is a key focus of our executive function skill coaching at Children’s Speech & Reading Center. We aid teens in retaining and manipulating information necessary to complete tasks and follow instructions. This improvement in cognitive function supports better attentional control and task performance. These are essential for academic achievement and handling complex tasks as they get older. 

Supports Goal Setting and Achievement

Our executive function skill coaching guides children in setting realistic goals and developing strategies to achieve them. It improves executive skills like planning and cognitive control. This process not only enhances executive functioning but also encourages teen self-control and behavioral inhibition. It contributes to personal and academic success.

Addresses Specific Learning Challenges

Tailored strategies are crucial for overcoming individual learning challenges which improve overall cognitive function. Our coaching takes into account the unique needs of each teen, including those with executive function disorders or cognitive deficits. Then, we employ targeted intervention that supports mental health conditions and physical health to promote healthy development from late childhood into adulthood. Through this personalized approach, we aim to help each teen achieve their full potential.

Transform Your Child’s Future Now!

Give your teen the gift of cognitive control, mental flexibility, and the skills to succeed in daily life. With our proven strategies and supportive community, the path to confidence and achievement is just a step away. Don't wait - act now for a brighter tomorrow. 

Areas We Focus On

At Children’s Speech and Reading Center, our executive function group coaching is designed to address key areas critical for a teen's cognitive, emotional, and social development. By targeting these specific domains, we aim to enhance overall executive functioning skills and improve quality of life.

Brain and Executive Function

We delve into the neural mechanisms that govern behavior and decision-making to help teens understand how their brain works, particularly the role of the frontal lobe. This knowledge is crucial for developing cognitive and attentional controls which are foundational for effective executive functioning.


Cultivating mindfulness is essential for improving focus and selective attention. Through mindfulness practices, teens learn to stay present and attentive. This reduces cognitive inhibition and enhances their ability to concentrate on tasks.

Working Memory and Meta-Cognition

Our coaching strengthens working memory and meta-cognition. We help teens store, manipulate, and reflect on information more effectively. This enhancement of cognitive deficits is pivotal for academic success and everyday problem-solving. It develops a deeper understanding of their own learning processes and executive functioning skills.

Prioritizing and Goal Setting

We teach vital skills in prioritizing tasks and setting achievable goals that are essential for effective time management and control of behavior. These skills are particularly important as children navigate from late childhood into adulthood. Through our coaching program, they can become more organized and purposeful in their actions.

Time Management and Study Skills

Developing time management and study skills are crucial for academic achievement and managing daily life efficiently. Our coaching provides strategies that improve functioning skills and help teens become more disciplined and efficient. 

Organization and Clarity of Language

Organization and clear communication are key aspects we focus on so teens can express themselves effectively. They can productively manage their tasks and environments well. This focus helps in reducing cognitive deficits and improving overall executive functioning skills.


Empowering teens to advocate for themselves is critical for their development and independence. Our coaching encourages them to understand their needs and seek assistance when necessary. It helps them develop self-control and resilience. This skill is particularly beneficial for teens with executive functioning skills challenges. Plus those who may experience frontal lobe lesions or other neurological differences.

Why Choose Children’s Speech & Reading Center

Children’s Speech and Reading Center stands out as a beacon of hope and progress for families seeking to enhance their teen's executive functioning skills. We combine professional expertise with a heartfelt commitment to each child's growth and well-being. 


Our team is a collective of highly experienced professionals and educators who possess a profound understanding of executive function disorders. Our expertise is grounded in the latest neural mechanisms research and effective rehabilitation strategies. This gives you peace of mind that your child receives the highest standard of care.

Personalized Care

We believe that every teen is unique with their own strengths and challenges. Hence, our approach is highly personalized. We take into account individual needs to develop targeted interventions. This bespoke care is designed to enhance cognitive control, attentional control, and task performance so teens develop self-control and resilience.


A strong sense of community is vital for sustained growth and learning. Our center fosters a nurturing environment that encourages collaboration, shared experiences, and mutual support. We also provide resources valuable for parents, teachers, and kids. This community aspect helps teens and families feel connected and supported. It combats the isolation that can often accompany executive function disorders.

Proven Results

The effectiveness of our programs is evidenced by the numerous success stories of teens who have thrived under our guidance. Improved executive functioning skills, better control of behavior, and enhanced selective attention are just a few of the achievements our clients have experienced. These marked significant milestones in their journey from childhood to adulthood.

How Our Process Works

Our approach to enhancing your teen's executive functioning is methodical, transparent, and collaborative. At Children’s Speech & Reading Center, our goal is to yield the best outcomes for your teen and family with an easy and effective process. 

Initial Assessment

The journey begins with an informal assessment, with a starting point explanation of what Executive Function is, how the brain works, and gauging each teen’s self-awareness through metacognition. comprehensive evaluation to gauge your child's unique needs and strengths. It's a crucial step in understanding how cognitive inhibition might impact your child's ability to manage tasks and behaviors effectively.

Coaching Sessions

Our coaching sessions are where plans turn into action. These sessions are dynamic and flexible. We make the necessary adjustments based on the group’s evolving needs to ensure continuous improvement in task performance and control of behavior. Our experienced facilitator, Deb Dale, works to break the cycle of creatures of habit to encourage new productive behaviors and thinking patterns.

Ongoing Support and Feedback

The process is rounded out with consistent support and open lines of communication. Regular updates and collaborative meetings ensure that you're always in the loop regarding your child's progress. This ongoing dialogue is key to maintaining a supportive environment that fosters improvement—both in the coaching sessions and at home. We aim to reinforce the skills needed for successful control in teenagers as well as navigate the challenges and milestones from teenage years onward.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see improvement? 

Improvement timelines can vary widely, as each teen's journey is unique. However, many families begin to observe positive changes in task performance and control of behavior within just a few months of consistent coaching. These improvements are often signs of enhanced cognitive control and selective attention—the key components of successful executive function coaching.

Can executive function coaching help with ADHD? 

Absolutely! Executive function coaching is particularly beneficial for teens with ADHD. It targets key areas such as attentional control and behavioral inhibition. Through tailored strategies, we aim to mitigate the challenges associated with ADHD. This helps teens develop better childhood self-control and cognitive inhibition which are crucial for academic and personal success.

Is there support for parents and caregivers?

Yes, we provide extensive support for parents and caregivers. We understand that the family environment plays a crucial role in a child's development. Thus, we offer resources designed to deepen your understanding of executive function. These resources equip you with the tools to support your teen's growth at home. You can reinforce the skills they learn during coaching sessions.

What if my child is resistant to coaching?

Resistance to coaching is not uncommon. But our experienced coaches are adept at engaging teens in a positive and motivating manner. By incorporating a teen's personal interests into the coaching process and creating a supportive, encouraging environment, we often find that initial resistance gives way to enthusiastic participation. This approach helps to overcome the creatures of habit mentality as well as encourages teens to embrace new challenges and learning opportunities.

What qualifications do your coaches have?

Our coaching team is led by Deb Dale, a veteran educator with 25 years of experience. Deb's extensive background in education, combined with a deep understanding of cognitive inhibition, fluid intelligence, and the challenges associated with executive function skills, ensures that our coaching strategies are both effective and grounded in the latest research in child development and educational psychology.

Transform Your Child’s Future Now!

Give your teen the gift of cognitive control, mental flexibility, and the skills to succeed in daily life. With our proven strategies and supportive community, the path to confidence and achievement is just a step away. Don't wait - act now for a brighter tomorrow.