• Free screenings for all children for early literacy skills, speech and language disorders, and reading delays.

      • We offer free 30-minute screens to identify children who are at risk for communication, learning, and reading disorders. Families are advised on what, if any, further evaluation is recommended.

      • Screens are available at our clinic as well as off-site at area preschools, upon request.

  • Individual speech-language and reading therapy on a sliding scale fee structure that goes to zero so no child is ever turned away that needs our services.

      • One-on-one, multi-sensory, speech-language and reading therapy following individualized careplans.

      • Ongoing assessment to monitor progress and determine new goals, as needed.

      • Education and inclusion of caregivers as active participants in their child's learning.

  • Free pre-literacy programs for children 4-5 years old that are determined to be delayed in their pre-literacy development.

      • Weekly sessions focus on developing and improving pre-literacy skills such as phonemic awareness, letter recognition, letter-sound correspondence, and print awareness.