Discover The Transformative Benefits of Early Speech and Language Screening

Explore how early speech and language screening can pave the way for your child's successful communication, academic achievements, and vibrant social interactions. At Children’s Speech & Reading Center, we will help you understand the key to your child’s potential. Unlock your child's full communication potential now. 

What is A Preschool Speech and Language Screening? 

A preschool speech and language screening is a 30-minute, straightforward evaluation designed to quickly assess a young children's speech and language abilities. This process helps identify if a child’s current skills are within typical parameters for their age or if there might be challenges that need further assessment. The screening covers key areas such as how well a child understands what is said to them (receptive language), how effectively they use words to express themselves (expressive language), clarity of the production of speech sounds (articulation), and their use of language in social settings (pragmatic language). Conducted by licensed speech-language pathologists, the screening is a proactive step toward ensuring your child's communication skills are developing within an expected range. It sets a strong foundation for all aspects of their growth—from social interactions to academic achievements. Our skilled speech-language pathologists at the Children’s Speech & Reading Center ensure that each screening is a step toward unlocking your child's communication potential. 

Why Preschool Speech and Language Screening Are Important

In the tapestry of childhood development, early detection of speech and language challenges is a golden thread. At Children’s Speech & Reading Center, we believe that this is not just about finding challenges, but about unlocking full potential. Here's why. 

Early Detection 

The journey to unlocking a child's full potential begins with the early detection of speech-language delays or disorders. Identifying these challenges at a young age is more than just a precaution. It’s a transformative step that opens the gateway to highly tailored interventions. These interventions are meticulously designed to address a child’s specific needs. Early detection is not just about identifying areas of challenge. It's about recognizing the boundless possibilities that lie within every child. This ensures that no aspect of their speech-language development goes unnoticed.

Intervention and Support 

Timely speech-language interventions extend far beyond mere support. They serve as a robust launchpad for a child's burgeoning communication skills. Through comprehensive screenings, we lay down a resilient foundation that aims to support a lifetime of learning and interaction. These interventions are crafted with the child's unique needs in mind. A personalized path enhances their communication abilities. This proactive approach can address current challenges. It also equips children with the tools they need to navigate future communication landscapes with ease and confidence.

Academic Success

At the core of every academic endeavor lies a foundation of strong speech-language skills. Early speech and language screenings are pivotal in ensuring that children possess the linguistic tools necessary to thrive in an educational setting. By assisting a child's speech-language development early on, we partner with their family so that they will become active, engaged learners in their educational journey. 

Social and Emotional Development 

The essence of meaningful social interactions lies in effective communication. Early speech-language screenings play a crucial role in nurturing a child's ability to connect, share, and engage with their peers. This foundational aspect of development is critical for fostering healthy social skills and emotional growth. By identifying and supporting speech-language needs early, children will feel understood and valued. This will enable them to build lasting relationships and navigate the social world with confidence and empathy.

Confidence and Self-Esteem 

Every child's voice is a powerful instrument of expression. Hence, we need to ensure that their voices are heard and understood. Addressing speech-language delays and disorders at an early stage is a vital step in empowering children to use their voices boldly and confidently. This empowerment is not just about the ability to speak. It's also about instilling a sense of self-worth and assurance that resonates in every word they say. Through early speech-language screenings and interventions, we will give children the gift of confidence. They will be able to share their thoughts, dreams, and ideas with the world—unbridled and unafraid.

What We Offer

At the Children's Speech & Reading Center, we don’t merely focus on formal assessment. We provide a journey that both the child and the parents will be happy to go through. We offer a compassionate, comprehensive approach to…

Speech and Language Screens 

Our free speech-language screens provide a brief assessment of a child’s communication skills. These are done in our offices, as well as at area preschools upon request. During this 30-minute appointment, one of our speech-language therapists screen a child’s speech and language development in several important areas. Then, we identify if further assessment is necessary. 

Reading Screens 

We offer free reading screens at both of CSRC's locations. Depending on a child's age and needs, one of our reading specialists or speech-language pathologists does a brief assessment of important literacy skills. Our approach to reading screens is comprehensive. These are designed to assess a broad spectrum of literacy skills that are crucial for a child's journey into the world of reading and comprehension. 

Areas We Assess During Speech and Language Screenings

During our speech and language screenings, we use a variety of screening tools that give us a snapshot of your child’s communication skills. Here's what our speech-language pathologists focus on.

Receptive Language

We assess how well your child understands simple-complex commands, age-appropriate vocabularies (e.g. body parts, picture identification, prepositions, etc.), and answering WH-questions (e.g. "Where do you sleep?"). This understanding is crucial for a child’s academic language skills and overall success in private preschools and beyond.

Expressive Language

We assess your child’s overall verbal output, vocabulary, sentence use and structure, pronoun use (me, you, my, him/her, he/she), regular and irregular verb use, and the use of describing words (big, red, etc.). Then, we take a look at the overall effectiveness of their communication.


Our team examines the clarity and accuracy of your child's speech sounds to know if they’re understandable to others. We also assess the amount of connected speech understandable to an unfamiliar listener (80-90% for a preschooler). This is vital for effective communication skills and avoiding potential breakdowns in communication at school or in social settings.

Voice Quality

We assess the tone, pitch, and volume of your child's voice. This is essential to determine if they can speak clearly and without strain. We also listen to vocal qualities such as a hoarse or scratchy voice, volume, or complaints of sore throat. 


We assess the flow of your child's speech and look for any disruptions. These disruptions may include stuttering or hesitations that might affect their communication ability. Plus, we take a look at the repetition of sounds, words, and/or phrases (b-b-ball, I want – I want – I want the ball) and prolongations of sounds in words (I wwwwwwant to go) to ensure they don’t have any difficulties with getting sounds out. 

Pragmatic (Social) Language

Our screening includes observing how your child uses language in social contexts, their ability to engage in social interactions, adapt language for different situations, and interpret non-verbal cues. We also assess if they will respond to their names, joint attention (able to look at an object that is pointed out by another), eye contact, turn-taking, and respond to emotions. This area is key for children's successful integration into child care programs and for enhancing their social skills.

Areas of Literacy We Assess During Reading Screenings

We offer free reading screens at both of Children's Speech & Reading Center’s locations. Depending on a child's age and needs, one of our reading specialists or speech-language pathologists does a brief assessment of important literacy skills. This assessment is a tool for highlighting a child's current abilities and areas for growth. We look at the following crucial areas:

Decoding Skills 

For decoding skills, we focus on a student's ability to identify letter sounds and then blend these into words. We use both real and nonsense words to distinguish this skill from sight word reading. This screening helps us understand their phonemic awareness skills. By isolating decoding from sight word recognition, we gain clear insights into a student's foundational reading skills.

Miscue and Strategy Analysis 

Our Miscue and Strategy Analysis employs a running record to assess a reader's behaviors and strategies. These include omissions, reversals, corrections, and substitutions. It provides a nuanced view of the student's reading approach. 


Beyond decoding and word recognition, we assess a student's ability to internalize and understand the meaning of the text as a whole. Our assessment provides insight into the child's ability to engage with and understand complex textual materials—a vital skill for academic achievement.

Other Areas As Appropriate 

Depending on the individual needs of the student, we may also explore reading fluency and sight word recognition. Fluency assessment observes the pace, accuracy, and expression in reading. This is crucial as it impacts overall comprehension and enjoyment of reading. Sight word recognition, on the other hand, evaluates the student's ability to recognize words by sight. It is an essential skill for reading efficiency and fluency.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Children’s Speech & Reading Center means entrusting your child's developmental journey to a team committed to excellence in speech-language and reading therapy. Our center is distinguished by its holistic approach. We combine up-to-date techniques with heartfelt compassion to support each child's unique path to communication success. Here's why we stand out.


Our center is anchored by a team of licensed speech-language pathologists. Each of us is bringing a wealth of knowledge and specialized training in the latest speech and language interventions. With a solid foundation in basic language concepts and evaluation of language fundamentals, our professionals are adept at conducting formal language screenings using tools like the Preschool Language Scale-Screening Test. This gives you confidence that your child receives the highest standard of care. 

Personalized Care

At our core is a commitment to personalized care. We recognize that each child's needs and developmental paths are unique. Hence, our tailored approach begins with an initial screening tool to understand specific challenges and strengths. Then, we create customized intervention plans that respect the individuality of every kid so they can receive the most effective support.


Joining Children's Speech & Reading Center means becoming part of a vibrant community of families, therapists, volunteers, and educators—all dedicated to supporting children's growth. We foster an environment of collaboration and support. We provide frequent opportunities for parent meetings and engagements. Through this, every family becomes an integral part of their child's developmental progress.

Proven Result 

Our commitment to each child's success is reflected in our proven results. Through detailed evaluation reports and consistent monitoring of language progress, we celebrate each milestone achieved. Our success stories are a testament to our effective methodologies and the positive impact we have on children with language delays and disorders. Their success stories solidify our reputation as a center of excellence in speech and language therapy.

Comprehensive Support 

Our support extends beyond initial assessments. We both offer a comprehensive speech-language pathology assessment and ongoing therapy sessions. We utilize a range of speech-language screening tools including hearing screens to ensure all aspects of your child's communication abilities are nurtured. From screening to intervention and beyond, our comprehensive support guides families through every step of the therapy process. 

How Our Process Works

Our process at Children's Speech & Reading Center is designed to be thorough, compassionate, and tailored to meet the unique needs of each child and family we work with. Here's a closer look at how we can journey together. 


Our journey begins with an initial consultation. Here, we listen to your concerns, understand your child's history, and discuss your goals. This open dialogue allows us to gather essential information and provides an opportunity for you to ask questions. It also allows us to make a plan that is aligned on how best to support your child's development.


Following the consultation, we move to the screening phase. This is where we utilize a variety of child-friendly assessments and screening tools. This stage is designed to be engaging and non-intimidating for your child so we can observe and evaluate their communication skills and reading abilities in a supportive environment. 

After the screening, our speech-language pathologists will sit down with you to thoroughly discuss the outcomes. We provide detailed insights into your child's language skills and offer personalized recommendations for the next steps. These might include a more formal assessment to gain a deeper understanding of your child's needs or targeted language interventions designed to support their development. Our goal is to ensure you have a clear understanding of the path forward, whether it involves ongoing therapy, enrollment in language services, or other supportive measures.

Plan of Action

Armed with the insights gained from the screening, we craft a personalized strategy that outlines specific interventions and support mechanisms tailored to your child's needs. This plan of action is developed in collaboration with you so that it aligns with your family's goals and lifestyle. It outlines the therapeutic approaches we'll employ, the frequency of sessions, and any at-home activities or strategies that can support your child's progress. Please note that this plan can be adjusted as needed to ensure the best outcomes for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child needs a screening? 

First, observe your child's communication skills. Key indicators include difficulty following instructions, challenges in expressing thoughts or emotions effectively, and struggles with learning new words. If your child exhibits any of these behaviors, or if you notice a lack of engagement in social interactions or frustration during communication, it may be time to consider a professional speech-language screening.

How long does a screening take? 

Efficiency and thoroughness are key components of our screening process. Typically, a speech and language screening is completed within a concise 30-minute appointment. This time frame allows us to quickly assess your child's speech and/or language development and communication skills without causing fatigue or loss of interest. 

What’s the next step after screening? 

After screening, the next steps are tailored to your child's individual needs and screening outcomes. If further evaluation is recommended, we'll discuss the options for a more comprehensive speech-language assessment. Should interventions be advised, we'll outline potential therapy plans or activities that can be done at home to support your child's communication development. We aim to provide a clear, actionable plan that empowers your child to reach their full communication potential. This may involve direct intervention or supportive strategies for enhancement at home.

Is the screening process stressful for children? 

Absolutely not! We prioritize creating a positive, engaging environment for all speech screenings. Our approach is designed to make the process enjoyable and interactive. Children must feel at ease and even have fun while being assessed. We use child-friendly screening tools and activities, so your child remains comfortable and stress-free throughout the 30-minute appointment. This child-centric approach helps us obtain the most accurate representation of your child's communication skills in a nurturing setting.

Can speech and language screenings benefit children without obvious issues? 

Definitely! Speech and language screenings are indeed a wonderful tool for all children, not just those with apparent challenges. These screenings provide valuable insights into your child's communication skills and development. Even in the absence of obvious issues, screenings can reassure parents of their child's progress and offer strategies to support continued development in communication and social skills.

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