Daniel’s Story

“Daniel has a speech delay and has been coming to CSRC for about a year and a half. He has been part of social skills group and receives one on one speech therapy. He has progressed a lot and we believe that the hard work of the therapists has been a key factor in his positive evolution. We appreciate the constant communication with the therapists because it gives us the opportunity to improve the work that we do at home and makes us feel that we are working as a team.”


Kylie’s Story

“When Kylie first came to Colorado in the late Spring, her speech was not understandable. She was not able to use sentences and did not use her words correctly. She began working with Sarah. Since that time, she is now using sentences and communicating clearly. The improvement is unbelievable! She recently took a placement test and things that she was not able to pass a few months ago, she was able to pass with flying colors. Her interaction with her friends and family has completely changed. We are so thankful for the Children’s Speech and Reading Center. Sarah is wonderful!”


Sean’s Story

“Prior to coming to CSRC, Sean was a frustrated child. We were frustrated parents. We could not understand what Sean wanted or needed. His speech was very delayed and we were very worried about his future. After his first evaluation at CSRC a lot of our fears were laid to rest. We knew he had serious speech delay (apraxia) but that he could overcome it. We came weekly throughout the summer and into the fall. This spring he has been coming twice a week. The improvement in his speech over the last year has been remarkable. His behaviour and confidence improved tenfold with his ability to communicate. Without the sliding scale, our family would have struggled to get him into private therapy… Thank you so much to CSRC for improving Seans life, as well as the rest of the family”

Thanks Ally

“When we started with the Children’s Speech and Reading Center my son could barely communicate verbally. This center welcomed him warmly and made him feel comfortable and successful. After just a couple of months, my son gained better understanding of sounds and an increased confidence to use language. When we visit friends, they are amazed at his growth and new found ability to talk. Ally has provided great one-on-one therapy. Our family feels that her services are the main reason he has improved. His growth makes us feel hopeful that he will overcome his challenges with speech, and experience even more success when he enters school this fall.”


David’s Story

“Children’s Speech and Reading Center is an absolute blessing. We have seen remarkable progress in David’s ability to communicate. We are so lucky to have found an amazing center! Thank you so much for taking the time to work with my son!”