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Children’s Speech and Reading Center (CSRC) is currently searching for a full-time and a part-time, experienced speech-language pathologists to join our organization to support our programs in Fort Collins and Loveland.  CSRC is Northern Colorado’s only non-profit children’s clinic that offers free screenings for speech, language, and reading and provides therapy to families on a sliding scale basis.  We pride ourselves in not turning away children that are in need of services.


  • Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology
  • Must be ASHA Certified and hold a Speech-Language Pathologist license through the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA)
  • Experience with children and families and an understanding of the mission of CSRC


  • Identify, assess, and diagnose communication disorders (articulation, language, fluency, etc.)
  • Administer speech/language assessments (CELF-5, PPVT-4, EVT-2, GFTA-3, DEAP etc.)
  • Provide speech/language screenings and determine if therapy is warranted
  • Plan appropriate treatment and write detailed evaluations and progress care plans
  • Provide quality treatment to children with a variety of speech and language needs (expressive/receptive language and articulation disorders, apraxia of speech, etc.)
  • Counsel parents regarding specific communication disorders and provide suggestions to increase carryover of skills to the general environment
  • Collaborate with other professionals (speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, special education teachers, reading specialists, etc.) to coordinate services
  • Work in a collaborative and supportive environment in all interactions with the CSRC staff


  •  Competitive salary
  •  15 holidays and 120 hours of annual PTO
  • CSRC provides up to a 3% match in an employee IRA plan and pays $250/month toward the CSRC Employee Health Plan (Anthem/Blue Cross)
  • ASHA and CSHA memberships, DORA reimbursement, annual professional development and CEU opportunities
  • Flexible schedule and reasonable caseload

Qualified candidates that are passionate about helping children reach their full potential and want to be a part of Northern Colorado’s premier non-profit speech-language and reading clinic, please send resume and cover letter to

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Thirty Million Words

Million ordsThirty Million Words:  Building a Child’s Brain by Dana Suskind MD

How you talk to your growing child literally builds his or her brain.  What works and doesn’t work – “baby talk is OK but relentless correction isn’t.”  To create the best “language environments” for children follow the simple structure of the Three T’s:  Tune In, Talk More, and Take Turns.  In her recently release best selling book, Dr. Dana Suskind, a cochleor implant surgeon investigates why some of her younger clients develop grade level language and reading while other lagged far behind.

The way you talk with your growing child literally builds his or her brain.  Parent talk can drastically improve school readiness and lifelong learning in everything form math to art. Seven hundred to one thousand additional neuronal connections are made very second of a baby’s life.  The incredible, complex circuitry that results in the brains architecture, affecting all our brain functions, including memory, emotion, behavior, motor skills, and of course language.  WOW!

So Tune In — Talk More — and Take Turns to helping your child with their language development.  Check in next month to get some specifics on the “how to” Tune In — Talk More — and Take Turns.

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Download a Copy of CSRC’s 2014 Annual Report


Annual Report Icon

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CSRC in the News…

May is Better Hearing and Speech  Month. The Coloradoan‘s monthly column on early childhood focused on helping children build strong language skills from birth. The Children’s Speech and Reading Center provided some consultation for the article.

See the article here

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CSRC Announces 2013 Summer Literacy Programs

Summer Literacy Groups

Join us for a 6 week summer reading program for elementary students who are struggling to keep up with their peers in their literacy development. As language specialists, we understand how intimately language skills are tied to literacy. These groups provide therapeutic support and intervention for children with delays; they are not meant to enhance skills for children who are performing at age/grade level. This program is designed in a group format of up to four children, providing for individual attention while benefitting from the advantages of a group learning dynamic. Plus…it’s fun!

The groups are divided by age/grade and meet twice a week for an hour. Skills addressed include phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency, writing, vocabulary development, and comprehension. Activities are fun, rewarding, and targeted towards the groups’ age and interests. Practice activities and parent education materials are available.


Jump Start for School

Give your child a “jump start” for their school year with literacy skill building. Summertime can slip away and so do some of those important literacy skills. This three week, 6-session program will bring support to struggling readers and prepare your child for a more successful start to the school year.


CLICK HERE for a Literacy Groups Flyer
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CSRC Featured on KRFC 88.9

The Children’s Speech and Reading Center was featured on KRFC. Listen to the 5 minute segment here:

KRFC – Children’s Speech and Reading Center

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CSRC at Dr. Temple Grandin Book Signing

The Children’s Speech and Reading Center was honored to hold it’s book fair at the book signing for Dr. Temple Grandin’s new book, Different Not Less.

The Center was thrilled to participate in this event. As part of the program, one of the Center’s past clients, Andrea Dean,  shared her experience with a speech disorder and her success with therapy. Read her talk.

Andrea Dean speaks on behalf of the Children’s Speech & Reading Center at Dr. Temple Grandin’s book signing.

A thanks to everyone who came out to support the Center!

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Thank You Supporters

A thank you to the following organizations for their support this year:

Scottish Rite Foundation

Overland Sertoma

Poudre Valley Health System Foundation

El Pomar Foundation

J. Murphy and Russel O. Allen Fund

Foothills Rotary

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