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not being able to ask for help when you need it or respond to a simple question… or do your homework or read a message from a friend. Imagine what it feels like to be teased because you stutter when you speak…and imagine what it does to the confidence you have in yourself.


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High Quality, Affordable Speech-Language Services

The Children’s Speech & Reading Center is dedicated to developing and providing innovative, high quality, affordable speech-language services to all children in Northern Colorado who experience speech, language, or reading delays. The Center’s services for communication disorders improve the independence, self-respect, and quality of life of children and their families. Our therapists are certified to provide treatment that builds communication skills affected by a variety of childhood disorders including autism, down syndrome, dyslexia, apraxia, articulation disorders, hearing impairment, learning disabilities and other development disorders.

Language delays resulting from these disorders take many forms including oral language, articulation, stuttering, reading, aphasia and pragmatic language problems (social skills like reading social cues, eye contact, turn-taking, etc.). Delays in these basic but essential skills limit developmental, academic, and social achievement. All of our services and programs develop and encourage family involvement and support to ensure optimal success in skill development and carryover.