Success Stories

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"I am so excited that I had to share this with you. Wally read a couple chapters from the  Frog and Toad series last night soooo fluently! I cried!  He is so proud, hopeful, encouraged and ambitious about his new found skill.  He wants to read the entire series now! Wow!  Thank you so much."  Wally's Mother

"My daughter was attending kindergarten and getting IEP services to support her with speech. We had been receiving services through her school but had concerns about her not receiving any summer services. That’s when one of her teachers told us about the CSRC office in Loveland. The progress she has made during the summer and fall is AMAZING!!  CSRC has opened up the world of reading for my daughter and her confidence in herself and abilities has soared. Thank you CRSC."

"There are no words that can match how we feel about Ms. Alicia. She has worked with our son for almost 4 years. Our son had hearing loss and several complex issues. Our son was not confident, shy, and barely speaking. He would not speak to other children. Ms. Alicia has a gentle spirit and Daniel thrived under her. He is happy, confident, and has lots of new friends. She has changed the life of our little guy. We are so thankful Daniel has been able to work with her. It rocked his world, and ours right along with him."

"Ms. Annette has been wonderful with our son. He is a handful and full of energy. She was able to work with this energy and turn it into games and learning. Our son adores her and looks forward to seeing her every week. He has made so much progress in a short time. It has made it so much easier to understand our social little guy. He has a ton of new friends and we are excited to see what his future holds."

"My son has been coming to CSRC off and on for years. From speech therapy and social skills group in the early years, to more complex needs with reading comprehension and inference - CSRC and their amazing staff have helped him more than words can say. They are one of the best things about Fort Collins!"

"Prior to coming to CSRC, Sean was a frustrated child. We were frustrated parents. We could not understand what Sean wanted or needed. His speech was very delayed and we were very worried about his future. After his first evaluation at CSRC a lot of our fears were laid to rest. We knew he had serious speech delay (apraxia) but that he could overcome it. We came weekly throughout the summer and into the fall." This spring he has been coming twice a week. The improvement in his speech over the last year has been remarkable. His behaviour and confidence improved tenfold with his ability to communicate. Without the sliding scale, our family would have struggled to get him into private therapy... Thank you so much to CSRC for improving Sean's life, as well as the rest of the family."

"Trust has autism and has been coming to the Children's Speech and Reading Center for four years. He has been in several social skills groups, worked on executive function skills, and receives help with reading and comprehension. The difference this has made is tremendous. We have seen remarkable progress in his ability to function at a higher level with his peers at school. The therapists cater their sessions to his unique personality and abilities. He is both challenged and appreciated. We also value the time each therapist takes at the end of each session to go over different strategies and things we can work on at home."

"Since my son Brayden started at the Children’s Speech and Reading Center we have seen dramatic improvements in not only his speech, but in the relationships he has outside of his family. When Brayden started he could not talk whatsoever. Grunts and pointing were the only way he communicated. After just the first month, he started to make progress. The more we worked with him, the better he got with his words. It’s been four months now, and Brayden is more confident, understandable, and miles ahead of where he used to be."

"Lilly is 2 1/2 yrs. old and has been coming to CSRC for over 6 months now. When she first started, she was not talking at all, was unable to follow simple directions and was hardly babbling. Since coming to CSRC she has improved tremendously! Lilly has started using sign language, she is following directions now, and she has started to talk more than ever. With her newfound communication skills, she is now way more outgoing and actually wants to interact with everyone around her...something we hadn’t seen before. She is making so much progress. Just blossoming! I can't thank CSRC enough. Lilly loves her time here and will continue to come here as long as she is needing therapy!"