Comprehensive Care for Every Child's Speech, Reading, and Cognitive Growth

At Children's Speech & Reading Center, we're dedicated to unlocking every child's potential through personalized care in speech, reading, and cognitive development. Our expert team crafts individualized programs to build fundamental skills that foster confidence and academic success. By partnering with families and utilizing evidence-based techniques, we ensure that each child embarks on a journey of growth and discovery. With us, your child's future is bright, filled with endless possibilities and opportunities for success.

The Crisis in Reading, Speech, and Literacy Among Children and Teens in The US

In a world brimming with words, an alarming number of our children and teens navigate a silent challenge. Statistics reveal a stark reality: over 30% of children struggle with basic literacy by the fourth grade. While nearly 20% of students exhibit speech or language delays. This crisis casts long shadows over academic achievement, social integration, and future opportunities. Intervention is not just beneficial. It's imperative.

How Can We Help Close The Gap?

Children’s Speech and Reading Center stands as a beacon of hope and progress in Northern Colorado. We offer a suite of services to children and teens that directly address pressing challenges.

Speech & Language Screenings

Our journey begins with complimentary speech & language screenings for children. This is a crucial first step in identifying potential communication barriers. This detection is key to setting a tailored path forward. Through this, every child has the opportunity to express themselves clearly and confidently. By addressing these hurdles from the start, we lay a solid foundation for future success.


Following screenings, our comprehensive evaluations for speech, language, and literacy delve deeper. We aim to uncover specific areas that require attention. These assessments are pivotal in crafting customized literacy plans and interventions. Our team of professionals is equipped with the expertise in literacy instruction needed to navigate the complexities of language deficits and developmental language disabilities.

Individualized Speech-Language Therapy 

At the heart of our services is individualized speech-language therapy. Our dedicated speech-language pathologists employ a range of speech-language teaching materials and specialized workshops. Tailored to meet the ability levels and speech-language skill needs of each child, sessions are designed to foster rapid and sustainable progress. Through one-on-one tutoring, every child receives the focused attention they deserve. This promotes in-depth language development and oral language proficiency.

Reading Therapy 

Our reading therapy program transforms children into proficient readers. We employ structured literacy programs and evidence-based strategies. We also focus on literacy development from the ground up to address literacy delays. Plus, we instill a growth mindset that champions life-long literacy. Our approach not only boosts reading competency but also nurtures a genuine love for reading. 

Executive Function 

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by older students, our executive function programs are tailored to equip teens with essential organizational and cognitive skills for success. This service is pivotal for students with disabilities and those at risk. Through group sessions, they can acquire the skills for success in academia and beyond. Our approach fosters teens’ success which helps them prepare for the complexities of higher education and life's challenges.

Early Literacy Programs 

For preschoolers aged 4-5, especially those from low-income families, our early literacy programs lay a strong foundation of learning. These interventions are crucial in preventing issues in literacy before they start going to school. Through engaging literacy activities and literacy coaching, we make learning accessible and fun. This will spark a curiosity that fuels lifelong learning.

About Us 

At Children’s Speech & Reading Center (CSRC), we're more than a center. We're a cornerstone for student success in Northern Colorado. We specialize in in-depth language reading competency, oral language mastery, and fostering a strong foundation of literacy. Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of children experiencing speech, language, or reading delays.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, CSRC is committed to providing professional and affordable services to children and teens. Our professional team and caring staff are dedicated to creating a supportive environment where children and teens can develop their speech, language, literacy, executive functioning, and reading skills. 

Our center is located just north of Prospect on Shields. You'll find us at 1302 S. Shields, Units A1-3, Fort Collins, CO 80521. Our doors are always open for consultations and support.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Children’s Speech & Reading Center means investing in a future where every child can achieve their full potential. We equip your kids with the fundamental language skills and comprehension skills necessary for lifelong success. Here’s a deeper look into what sets us apart.


Our center is renowned for its expertise in addressing a wide array of communication challenges. With a team of highly skilled professionals, we bring a wealth of knowledge and specialized skills to every session. 

Personalized Care

We believe in personalized care that sees beyond the immediate challenges to recognize the unique potential within every child. Our approach ensures that every child progresses at their own pace.


More than just a service provider, we are a vibrant community. Our center is a place where families, professionals, and caring staff come together supported to create a nurturing environment. We also partner with local schools to conduct our on-campus services. Our on-campus tutoring sessions are part of our structured literacy programs. 

Proven Results

The heart of our center is the proven results we achieve. Each one stands as a testament to the transformative impact of our dedicated support and the efficacy of our alternative academic support services.

Comprehensive Support

Our comprehensive support extends from the very first consultation for student success to the joyous celebrations of every milestone achieved. We offer a range of services to students so no stone is left unturned in our quest to support your child's growth.

Our Impact and Success Stories

Each success story at our center is a testament to resilience. At Children's Speech & Reading Center, we weave a rich mosaic of these narratives. Every strand represents a child's journey that starts with a challenge and culminates in a remarkable triumph. Our community's unwavering belief in the potential of every child serves as the bedrock upon which these transformations are built.

"My son has been coming to CSRC off and on for years. From speech therapy and social skills group in the early years, to more complex needs with reading comprehension and inference - CSRC and their amazing staff have helped him more than words can say…  More

How to Get Started

Starting your journey with our center is a straightforward, supportive, and personalized process. Here's a simple approach that parents and guardians can follow to engage with our services. 

Inquiry and Initial Consultation

Begin by reaching out to us through our website, phone at (970) 419-0486, or email to express your interest in our services. Our team will provide you with all the necessary information and answer any questions you may have about our programs and how we can support your child's needs.

Screening and Assessment

Attend the screening session where our experienced professionals will engage with your child. We conduct the screening and assessment in a friendly and supportive environment to understand their unique strengths and challenges.

Personalized Plan Development

Following the screening, our team will discuss the results with you and recommend a tailored plan of action. This plan will outline the specific services and programs that best suit your child's needs. We take into account their individual learning style and goals.

Enrollment and Start of Services

Once the personalized plan is agreed upon, we'll guide you through the enrollment process to start the recommended services. Your child will then begin their journey with us. They can start receiving in-person tutoring as well as expert care and support that they need to thrive at their intended level and beyond.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Our strength lies in unity. We collaborate with local schools where we do our on-campus services. We also partner with libraries and community organizations to weave a network of support that extends far beyond our center's walls. Our affiliations with esteemed educational and professional bodies further cement our commitment to excellence and community service. 

Interested in partnering or collaborating with us? Reach out to us and let’s explore how we can work together. 

Events and Workshops

Education extends beyond individual and group sessions. Our center is a vibrant hub for community education where we offer workshops and seminars. These events are designed to empower parents, educators, and the broader community with knowledge and strategies for supporting our children.

Information and Tips from CSRC

Armed with the right strategies, every parent can be a catalyst for their child's success. Our educational resources page is a treasure trove of tips, techniques, and insights into speech, language, and literacy development.


We have immediate openings for SLPs and Preliteracy specialists. 

Please email your resume and cover letter to 

Get Involved

Join hands with the Children’s Speech & Reading Center and play a pivotal role in shaping the futures of children in our community. Here’s how you can get involved in our mission. 

Make A Donation

Every Contribution Builds A Brighter Future

Your donations are the lifeline that allows us to continue offering affordable and specialized services to children facing challenges with speech, reading, and language. As a recognized 501(c)(3) organization, your contributions are tax-deductible. Beyond monetary support, consider donating your old vehicle or initiating personal fundraising campaigns. These efforts are crucial, especially in supporting children with dyslexia. Through our collective effort, we can provide them with the resources and structured literacy programs they need to succeed.

Be A Volunteer

Engage, Participate, and Enrich

Volunteering at our center offers a unique opportunity to contribute directly to our day-to-day operations and special events. Whether you're assisting with event logistics, participating in book drives, or helping distribute brochures, your time and effort significantly enhance our community outreach and academic support services. Volunteers are essential in creating an engaging and supportive environment.

Make A Difference

Small Acts, Significant Impact

Every act of generosity contributes to the transformative experiences of the children we serve. Monetary donations, ranging from $5 to $40,000, directly support our mission to provide access to students for essential speech and reading therapies. Your contribution aids in maintaining our hours of operation and enabling personal tutoring. Sharing your blessings also helps kids with difficulties, particularly those with dyslexia, receive the targeted support they need to flourish.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I know if my child needs help? 

Look for signs like delayed speech milestones, difficulty following instructions, or struggles with reading and writing tasks appropriate for their age.

How can parents support their child's development at home? 

Engage in regular reading, encourage expressive conversation, and practice the strategies recommended by our team of professionals. 

Are your services free of charge? 

We provide free screenings and early literacy programs to kids aged 4-5 from low-income families. While we offer professional and affordable treatment for our other services.  

How many sessions do you provide and how long does it take per session? 

The number of sessions varies per service. Usually, we hold weekly sessions that last for 30 minutes. For group executive functions, we hold weekly classes for an hour. 

How many sessions do you provide and how long does it take per session? 

The number of sessions varies per service. Usually, we hold weekly sessions that last for 30 minutes. For group executive functions, we hold weekly classes for an hour. 

How long does it take to see progress? 

While individual results vary, most families notice significant improvements within a few months of consistent therapy.

Ready to Create A Brighter Future for Your Child?

Every word spoken and every page turned can be a step toward a brighter future. Let's make that journey together. With Children’s Speech & Reading Center, your child's potential knows no bounds. Contact us today for more information.